Sunday, June 25, 2006

Business proceses and Workflow Software

I believe to process-driven business to be successfull in long term perspective. The main key are right designed core and supported business proceses. When proceses exists you have to follow up them. There isn't big issue to design BPs but you need some tool for be sure and have a full control if everything is going on the right way. So you need some workflow software. The basic idea of workflow is not so complicated. From mathematical point of view it's just oriented graph. I have two main requirements for this software tool. Firstly, it must be good in worflow design (easy import already designed or refactored BPs). Secondly, system must be open for integration with other systems like mail and messaging systems, document management systems, and so on. I found two interesting product JBoss ( nad WokflowGen ( I want to spent some time to study and practicly check what benefits these solutions giving us. I personally prefer open source solutions with comercial support so JBoss have small advantage. I'll write full conclusion later.

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