Saturday, June 24, 2006

DELL | EMC storage products

I have just passed all EMC eLearning tests which are necessary to get EMC sales certification. Since 15 May till 20 May I was in EMC New Hire Trainig in Cork, Ireland to get first overview of DELL | EMC storage products. I was really impressed what is possible to do with inteligent disk arrays. The true is that products are pretty expensive for small busines but on the other hand the functionality is incredible and SMB or enterprise customers who knows what is the value of information can benefit from this technology. I really like functions like snaps, clones, and synchronous/asynchronous mirrors. And what disk space you can use in those arrays? Depends on model. For price sensitive customers there are models DELL | EMC AX 150/AX 150i with up to 12 SATA drives which means 6TB of raw capacity if you use 500GB disk. Difference between AX 150 and AX 150i is connectivity. AX150 have fiber channel ports and AX150i have ethernet ports and works as iSCSI tagets. Enterprise model CX300 is a member of previous generation but it's still available and can handle up to 60 Fiber Channel (FC) disks. New geeneration models CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80 can mix up FC disks and Low Cost Fiber Channel (LC-FC) disks. CX3-20 support up to 140 disks, CX-40 up to 280 disks, and CX-80 up to 480 disks. Imagine that today you can buy 300GB FC and 500GB LC-FC disks. You can calculate usable disk space by your self. The main message is that with such products is server and storage consolidations significantly easier. Better days for administrators are comming.

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