Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Understanding and fixing VMware ESX problems without pulling the plug

Understanding and fixing VMware ESX problems without pulling the plug
Eric Siebert, Contributor

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

VMware: configuring a static MAC address in a VM

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Sometimes it can be necessary to configure a static MAC address in a VM. A typical issue during P2V is an application that has its licensing based on the MAC address.

VMware has defined that VirtualCenter does not use the following range: 00:50:56:00:00:00 to 00:50:56:3F:FF:FF where 00:50:56 is the OUI.

The steps:

1. Power off & remove the server from the VirtualCenter inventory. This is a necessary step, because VC will overwrite your settings during Power On!
2. Edit the .vmx file and locate the following generated MAC address:
Ethernet0.addressType =
Ethernet0.generatedAddress =
3. Change the value for ethernet0.addressType from “vpx” to “static”
4. Change ethernet0.GeneratedAddress to ethernet0.Address
5. Change the current MAC to a MAC address in the following range:
6. In VirtualCenter, select an ESX host and go to storage
7. Browse the data store & locate your VM
8. Right-click on the .vmx file, and select Add to inventory
9. Power On the server. Issue the command ipconfig /all and locate the VMware NIC. Your manually assigned MAC address should be there.

I know you can set your MAC address inside Windows, but I would avoid this.

Monday, June 02, 2008

DELL Professional Services aneb GICS

Presne 15.5.2006 jsem nastoupil do DELLu a psal jsem o tom, ze DELL krome produktu nabizi i profesionalni konzultanty, architekty a inzenyry. Viz.

Presne 15.5.2008 jsem se stal clenem byvaleho DPS - DELL Professional Services, ktere se dnes jmenuje GICS - Global Infrastructure Consulting Services. Moje zamereni je primarne na serverovou konsolidaci a virtualizaci, nicmene jelikoz jsem zatim prvni Solution Architect DELLu v Ceske Republice, tak mam na starosti i enterprise storage a networking.