Thursday, July 02, 2009

Platespin Recon 3.6 - bugs and issues

Platespin Recon 3.6 have big issues with hardware inventory of some servers. It can hang your server during CPU model checking!!! Platespin released hotfix for that. But that's not all. When you use database PostgreSQL 8.3 which is bundled with Recon it has significant performance issues. I was waiting for some reports several hours!!! I have troubleshooted and realized that there is some problem with SQL communication between Plaspin Recon application server and PostgreSQL. You can find error messages in PostgreSQL log file. It says something about abnormal client termination. If you use MS SQL Server it works like a sharm.

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Anonymous said...

David, as you may know Novell PlateSpin Recon deploys an agent on target systems during inventory. This agent runs several commands that can affect the performance, security and compliance of target systems.

If you are looking for an agent-less alternative, have a look at Lanamark Suite. It is specifically designed for IT solution providers delivering virtualization services.