Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zerto DR & BC

Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication and recovery technology is a software-only solution for business continuity and disaster recovery of virtualized production applications deployed in data centers and the cloud.

Monday, June 25, 2012



Power on server:

ipmitool -I lan -H -U root -P calvin chassis power on

Power off server:

ipmitool -I lan -H -U root -P calvin chassis power off

Server status:
ipmitool -I lan -H -U root -P calvin chassis status

All chassis power Commands: 
status, on, off, cycle, reset, diag, soft 


List all sensors and their status:
ipmitool -I lan -H -U root -P calvin sdr list

List temperature sensors and their status:
ipmitool -I lan -H -U root -P calvin sdr type temperature

Get temperature from particular sensor id:
ipmitool -I lan -H -U root -P calvin sdr get 'Ambient Temp'

All Sensor Types:    Temperature                 Voltage                 
    Current                     Fan                     
    Physical Security           Platform Security       
    Processor                   Power Supply            
    Power Unit                  Cooling Device          
    Other                       Memory                  
    Drive Slot / Bay            POST Memory Resize      
    System Firmwares            Event Logging Disabled  
    Watchdog                    System Event            
    Critical Interrupt          Button                  
    Module / Board              Microcontroller         
    Add-in Card                 Chassis                 
    Chip Set                    Other FRU               
    Cable / Interconnect        Terminator              
    System Boot Initiated       Boot Error              
    OS Boot                     OS Critical Stop        
    Slot / Connector            System ACPI Power State 
    Watchdog                    Platform Alert          
    Entity Presence             Monitor ASIC            
    LAN                         Management Subsystem Health
    Battery                     Session Audit           
    Version Change              FRU State

Other IPMI commands

Copy from
# IPMI commands
ipmitool help
man ipmitool

# To check firmware version
ipmitool mc info
# To reset the management controller
ipmitool mc reset [ warm | cold ]

# Show field-replaceable-unit details
ipmitool fru print

# Show sensor output
ipmitool sdr list
ipmitool sdr type list
ipmitool sdr type Temperature
ipmitool sdr type Fan
ipmitool sdr type 'Power Supply'

# Chassis commands
ipmitool chassis status
ipmitool chassis identify [<interval>]   # turn on front panel identify light (default 15s)
ipmitool [chassis] power soft            # initiate a soft-shutdown via acpi
ipmitool [chassis] power cycle           # issue a hard power off, wait 1s, power on
ipmitool [chassis] power off             # issue a hard power off
ipmitool [chassis] power on              # issue a hard power on
ipmitool [chassis] power reset           # issue a hard reset

# Modify boot device for next reboot
ipmitool chassis bootdev pxe
ipmitool chassis bootdev cdrom
ipmitool chassis bootdev bios

# Logging
ipmitool sel info
ipmitool sel list
ipmitool sel elist                       # extended list (see manpage)
ipmitool sel clear

SOL - Serial over LAN (connect to console redirection)

ipmitool -I lanplus -U root -P calvin -H sol activate

ipmitool -I lanplus -U root -P calvin -H sol deactivate

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

vSphere SDK for Perl - Script Repository

NetWare Server Migration Physical to Virtual (P2V) using VMware

Master’s guide to VMware Fault Tolerance

Extending an EagerZeroedThick Disk

~ # vmkfstools -X 6G -d eagerzeroedthick  /vmfs/volumes/cs-ee-symmlun-001A/cormac.vmdk                                              
Grow: 100% done. All data on '/vmfs/volumes/cs-ee-symmlun-001A/cormac.vmdk' will be overwritten with zeros from sector <8388608> onwards.
Zeroing: 100% done. 


The following outputs shows that Hardware Acceleration is enabled on ESX to take advantage of the storage primitives on ESX 4.1 and ESXi 5.x. Use the esxcfg-advcfg command to check that the options are set to 1 (enabled):

# esxcfg-advcfg -g /DataMover/HardwareAcceleratedMove
# esxcfg-advcfg -g /DataMover/HardwareAcceleratedInit
# esxcfg-advcfg -g /VMFS3/HardwareAcceleratedLocking

To check if the storage array supports VAAI primitives, you can use the following command:

esxcli storage core device vaai status get -d naa.60a98000572d54724a346a6170627a52
ATS Status: supported
Clone Status: supported
Zero Status: supported
Delete Status: supported

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Custom ESXi 5 ISO for UCS, Nexus 1000v and PowerPath VE

Get the maximum IOPS (PowerCLI)

$metrics = "disk.numberwrite.summation","disk.numberread.summation"
$start = (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-5)
$report = @()

$vms = Get-VM | where {$_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn"}
$stats = Get-Stat -Realtime -Stat $metrics -Entity $vms -Start $start
$interval = $stats[0].IntervalSecs

$lunTab = @{}
foreach($ds in (Get-Datastore -VM $vms | where {$_.Type -eq "VMFS"})){
  $ds.ExtensionData.Info.Vmfs.Extent | %{
    $lunTab[$_.DiskName] = $ds.Name

$report = $stats | Group-Object -Property {$_.Entity.Name},Instance | %{
  New-Object PSObject -Property @{
    VM = $_.Values[0]
    Disk = $_.Values[1]
    IOPSMax = ($_.Group | `
      Group-Object -Property Timestamp | `
      %{$_.Group[0].Value + $_.Group[1].Value} | `
      Measure-Object -Maximum).Maximum / $interval
    Datastore = $lunTab[$_.Values[1]]


File Server Capacity Tool v1.2- (64 bit)

Tool for file server (cifs/smb/smb2) benchmark and capacity planning.