Monday, April 29, 2013

DELL PowerConnect Time Configuration

Here is procedure how to setup it:

sntp unicast client enable
sntp server

Here is how to verify:

console#show sntp configuration

Polling interval: 64 seconds
MD5 Authentication keys:
Authentication is not required for synchronization.
Trusted keys:
No trusted keys.
Unicast clients: Enable

Unicast servers:
Server          Key             Polling         Priority
---------       -----------     -----------     ---------- Disabled        Enabled         1 Disabled        Enabled         1

Here is how to check current time:

console#show clock

10:23:42 (UTC+0:00) Apr 29 2013
Time source is SNTP

That's how to set time on DELL PowerConnect switches. Please note that time is in UTC +0:00 so when you want localize your time you can use "clock timezone" and "clock summer-time" command in conf mode but I don't like it. UTC time is better for troubleshooting.  

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