Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to create your own vSphere Performance Statistics Collector

Statsfeeder is a tool that enables performance metrics to be retrieved from vCenter and sent to multiple destinations, including 3rd party systems. The goal of StatsFeeder is to make it easier to collect statistics in a scalable manner. The user specifies the statistics to be collected in an XML file, and StatsFeeder will collect and persist these stats. The default persistence mechanism is comma-separated values, but the user can extend it to persist the data in a variety of formats, including a standard relational database or Key-value store. StatsFeeder is written leveraging significant experience with the performance APIs, allow the metrics to be retrieved in the most efficient manner possible.
White paper located at StatsFeeder: An Extensible Statistics Collection Framework for Virtualized Environments can give you better understanding how it work and how to leverage it.

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