Monday, September 02, 2013

Configuring Dell EqualLogic management interface

All credits go to Mike Poulson because he published this procedure back in 2011.

I  have just rewrote, formated, and slightly changed the most important steps for EqualLogic out-of-band interface IP configuration.

The Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN supports an out-of-band management network interface. This is for managing the device from a separate network than the iSCSI traffic is on. So this is a quick set of commands that are used to configure the management (in this case eth2) interface on the device.

The web interface is nice and all but you have to have your 10Gig network setup before you can access it. Also the "setup" does not really give you an easy option to configure the management interface.

Login to Console Port with grpadmin username and grpadmin password.

After you run setup you will need to know the "member name". You can get your member name by running the command
member show
This will list the name, Status, Version, Size information for each member configured on the array. Here is example

grpname> member show
Name Status Version Disks Capacity FreeSpace Connections
---------- ------- ---------- ----- ---------- ---------- -----------
member01 online V4.3.6 (R1 16 621.53GB 0MB 0

The member name for my device is member01.

Once you know the member name you will need to set the IP address for your management interface. This IP address will need to be one that you can access from your management network. The port is an untagged port similar to other out-of-band management ports on devices (network switches).

To configure the IP use steps described below.

  • First set the interface to be management ONLY. Use the member command again.
member select member01 eth select 2 mgmt-only enable
  • Set the IP address and Network Mask
member select member01 eth select 2 ipaddress netmask
  • Enable the interface (by default the MGMT (eth2) interface is disabled and will not provide a LINK).
member select member01 eth select 2 up
  • Then you will be asked to confirm that you wish to enable the Management port
This port is for group management only. If enabling, make sure it is connected to a dedicated management network. If disabling, make sure you can access the group through another Ethernet port.

Do you really want to enable the management interface? (y/n) [n] y
  • To view current IP and state of an Eth interface use
member select member01 show eths

Once that is complete you can use the management IP address to establish an http or https connection to the Array.

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