Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Open Manage Essentials Network Connection (tcp/udp ports)

I was recently engaged to implement DELL Datacenter version of OME (Open Manage Essentials). DELL OME is quite easy and efficient tool for basic DELL hardware management. In other words it is free of charge element system management for DELL Servers, Network and also some Storage elements. It allows you to  do typical administrator tasks like
  • Hardware Discovery and Inventory
  • Monitor Hardware Status
  • Send email Notification or trigger SNMP trap to another system management
  • Inventory and System Reporting
  • In-band (OMSA) or Out-of-band (DRAC) Server Firmware Management - upgrades and downgrades
It is important to note that DELL OME is not enterprise management system like Altiris, MS System Center, or so. For customers considering integration DELL hardware in to some enterprise management system it is very likely DELL has integration toolkit or management plugin for particular enterprise management system. But that's another story.

DELL OME  is straight forward to install in small environment but it is usually more complex to implement it in bigger enterprise environment where exist firewalls with strict polices. In such environments you have to tightly cooperate with network departments for creating firewall rules allowing communication among OME server and hardware elements.

Unfortunatelly OME User Guide doesn't describe details network connections. There are listed TCP/UDP ports but for firewall rules you need to know detail network flows and flow directions.

That's the reason I have created document "Open Manage Essentials Network Connection and useful information for creating firewall rules" and publish it on slide share here.

Direct link to the document:

And as always ... any comments are highly appreciated.

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