Saturday, October 19, 2013

DELL is able to build CDN (Content Delivery Network) for telco providers

Are you surprised DELL is able to build CDN? Yes, that's true ... Dell, EdgeCast Shake Up Content Delivery Networks ...
"Every single teleco service provider globally is trying to build some kind of content delivery network," said Segil. The rapid expansion of the use of video, pictures, and multimedia text and graphics is putting a strain on network operators' capacity that would be relieved by effective use of a content delivery network. A film that is suddenly in demand from many parts of the world, for example, would be more effectively streamed from servers close to requestors than struggling to scale from one point.
... I know some people who cannot imagine DELL can help customers with CDN (Content Delivery Network). That's probably because DELL is well known as PC  & Laptop manufacturer. However it is not the right image of modern DELL anymore. DELL is manufacturing and delivering enterprise gear (servers, storage and network) almost 8 years and DELL GICS (Global Infrastructure Consulting Services) providing infrastructure consulting services. DELL has today all hardware components to build CDN. CDN is usually described as special virtual network (aka VPN, tunnel, overlay) on top of internet optimized to deliver digital content (aka digital objects). To be more specific DELL has a partnership with EdgeCast which has complete software solution leveraging commodity x86 hardware. Dell is producing a content delivery platform based on its PowerEdge servers and software from number-three content delivery network service supplier EdgeCast Networks. More information about DELL and EdgeCast CDN solution are here, here, here and here.

However it is worth to mention that before anybody is going to build their own CDN it is very important to gather business requirements, target users and content type for delivery. Conceptual and logical architecture has to be prepared based on specific requirements and constraints. Different CDN can be built for different purposes. And last but not least the technical architecture must be fully aligned with business model and the investor must fully believe that business forecast is achievable.

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