Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Out-of-band BIOS settings management

Today I did some troubleshooting with customer. We needed to verify what NUMA type is set in server's BIOS. In the past I posted more info about BIOS NUMA settings here. The customer sighed that he can not restart the server just to jump and look into BIOS screen. My answer was ...

... it is not necessary to reboot the server because you have modern gear which allows you to read BIOS settings via out-of-band management card.

In our case we had DELL rack server PowerEdge R620 with iDrac 7 management card. BIOS settings are not visible on iDRAC web interface and you have to use CLI (aka racadm). There are several methods how to use racadm cli but IMHO the simplest method is to SSH into iDRAC ip address and execute command:

 racadm get bios.MemSettings 
You should get result similar to the screenshot bellow. 

For more information look at DELL Tech Center.

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