Sunday, December 08, 2013

Force10 doesn't keep configuration after reload

I had a call from customer who was really unhappy because his Force10 S4810 switch configuration disappeared after switch reload or reboot.

At the end we have realized that his switch was configured for such behavior.

Force10 FTOS supports two reload types

  • reload-type jump-start
  • reload-type normal-reload

If jump-start mode is used then configuration is cleared after each reload. This reload type is useful for product demonstrations, technology introductions or proof of concepts. But it can be very frustrated for someone who want to use switch in production.

Solution is very simple. You just need to change reload type by single command "reload-type normal-reload"

Hope this saves time to someone.


French IT said...

Hi, with David confirmation,

The "reload-type normal-reload" only change the next reboot mode.

It don't reboot the Equipment itself.

I just Tried on a production switch and it's OK.


Jeremy said...

You saved me a lot of time.

Thanks a lot!