Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DELL Force10 S4810 fans

The S4810 comes from the factory with one power supply and two fan modules installed in the chassis. Both the fan module and the integrated fan power supply are hot-swappable if a second (redundant) power supply is installed and running. With redundant power supplies, traffic will not be interrupted if a fan module is removed. In addition to the integrated fan power-supply modules, fan modules can be ordered separately and additional modules can be inserted in the chassis.

The S4810 system fans are supported with two air-flow options. Be sure to order the fans that are suitable to support proper ventilation for your site. Use a single type of fan in your system. Do not mix Reverse and Normal air-flows in a single chassis. The system will shut down in one minute if the airflow directions are mismatched.

Air-flow options:
  •     Normal is airflow from I/O panel to power supply
  •     Reversed is airflow from power supply to I/O panel

So if you want to use S4810 as a top of rack switch for servers in the server rack you probably want to have ports (I/O panel) on the rear of the rack to simplify cable management. The reversed air-flow option is the way to go for this use case.

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