Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good or Bad Backup Job?

Veeam is very good backup software specialized on agent-less VM backups. But we all  know that bugs are everywhere and Veeam is not the exception. If you have VMware vSphere VM with independent disk Veeam cannot successfully perform a backup. That's logical because independent disks cannot have snapshots which are mandatory for agent-less VM backups leveraging VMware API for Data Protection (aka VADP). However the problem is that backup job of independent virtual disk is green. That can give you impression that everything is OK. But it is not. You have false expectation that you have correct backup. But you haven't and if you don't check logs you can find it really late ... during restore procedure which is not possible.

You can see what happen below on the screenshot.     

Click to enlarge

The correct behavior would be if backup job fails and backup administrator can repair the issue. This behavior was seen in Veeam version 6.5. Veeam support has been informed about this wrong behavior so it hopefully will be repaired in the future.

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