Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Network Port list of vSphere 5.5 Components

Year by year vSphere platform becomes more complex. It is pretty logical as Virtualization is de facto standard on modern datacenters and new enterprise capabilities are required by VMware users.

At the beginning of Vmware Server Virtualization there were just vCenter (Virtual Center, database and simple integration with active directory). Today vSphere management plane is composed from more software components integrated over network. So it becomes more complex ... 

Although using, consulting and architecting vSphere daily, sometimes I get lost in the network ports of vSphere components.

That's the reason I have created and will maintain following vSphere Component network ports table.

ComponentL7 ProtocolL3 Protocol/Port
vCenter  Single Sign-Onhttpstcp/7444
vSphere Web Client HTTPS port
vSphere Web Client HTTP porthttptcp/9090
vCenter Inventory Service
vCenter Inventory Service management portunknowntcp/10109
vCenter Inventory Service Linked Mode communication portunknowntcp/10111
vCenter SSO Lookup Service
vCenter Server HTTPS porthttpstcp/443
vCenter Server HTTP porthttptcp/80
vCenter Server Management Web Services HTTPhttptcp/8080
vCenter Server Management Web Services HTTPShttpstcp/8080
vCenter Server Web Service - Change Service Notificationhttpstcp/60099
vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) - VAMI management GUI
I'll add other components to the list as needed in the future ...

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