Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hardware Infrastructure Monitoring Proxy

Every enterprise infrastructure product like server, blade system, storage array, fibre-channel or ethernet switch has some kind of CLI or API management. Lot of products support SNMP but it usually doesn't return everything what CLI/API offers. This project is set of connectors to different enterprise systems like DELL iDRAC and blade Chassis Management Controller, VMware vCenter and/or ESX, DELL Compellent. The framework is universal and other connectors to other systems can be simply developed.

Available connectors:
DELL CMC (racadm)
DELL DRAC (racadm)
General IPMI (ipmitools)
VMware vCLI (vcli)
Compellent Enterprise manager (odbc to MS-SQL)
Compellent Storage Center (CompCU.jar)
Brocade FC Switch (cli over telnet)

... other connectors and sensors can be simply developed. So if you have any need don't hesitate to contact me.

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Author: David Pasek

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