Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Recovering from a Forgotten Password on the Force10 S series switch

I've just spent several hours to find the recovery procedure from forgotten password. Google returned just one relevant result to the Force10 tech tip page "How Do I Reset the S-Series to Factory Defaults?". However the procedure doesn't work because there is not "Option menu" during system boot. It is most probably old and deprecated procedure.

Here is the new procedure so I hope google will return it for other people looking for correct procedure.

Procedure to recovery from forgotten password on Force10 S-series switches:
  1. Use serial console
  2. Power off and then Power on all of the power modules
  3. Wait for message similar to "Hit Esc key to interrupt autoboot: 5" and press Esc key to go to Boot Loader (uBoot) interactive shell
  4. Change environment variable – setenv stconfigignore true - (uBoot - boot loader interactive shell)
  5. Save the changes - saveenv - (uBoot - boot loader interactive shell)
  6. Continue to boot the system – boot  - (uBoot - boot loader interactive shell)
  7. Default configuration is loaded so console login authentication is disabled by default
  8. Go to EXEC mode - en - (FTOS command line)
  9. Load startup configuration -  copy startup-config running-config - (FTOS command line)
  10. Now you can reconfigure the switch to change or add user login credentials
  11. Save configuration -  copy running-config startup-config - (FTOS command line)
  12. Reload the switch just for verification -  reload - (FTOS command line)

This procedure was tested on Force10 S4810 and S60.

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Ulric Eriksson said...

Hey, it worked. (Y)