Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Compellent Storage Center Live Volume and vSphere Metro Cluster

Are you interested in metro clusters (aka stretched clusters)?

Watch this video which introduces the new Synchronous Live Volume features available in Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.5.

And if you need more technical deep dive use this guide focuses on two main data protection and mobility features available in Dell Compellent Storage Center: synchronous replication and Live Volume. In this paper, each feature is discussed and sample use cases are highlighted where these technologies fit independently or together.

Compellent Live Volume curretnly doesn't support automated fail-over based on arbiter on third site so that's the reason why it is not certified as VMware vSphere Metro Cluster storage. Certification is just a matter of time. However, you can leverago Compellent Live Volume with vSphere. The only drawback is that whole storage node fail-over has to be done manually which can be enough or preferred method in some environments.


Anonymous said...

Has this been updated since September - any further developments on Compellent Metro Cluster Support ?

David Pasek said...

Nothing has changed since September however it should change relatively soon. I cannot define soon more accurate ... we have to wait for official Compellent VMware vMSC support.