Friday, November 07, 2014

40Gb over existing LC fiber optics

Do you know DELL has QSFP+ LM4 transciever allowing 40Gb traffic up to 160m on LC OM4 MMF (multi mode fiber) or up to 2km on LC SMF (single mode fiber)?

Use Case:  

This optic has an LC connection and is ideal for customers who want to use existing LC fiber.  It can be used for 40GbE traffic up to 160m on MultiMode Fiber OR 2km on Single Mode fiber.


Periferal Type: DELL QSFP+ LM4
Connection: LC Connection, Dulplex Multi-Mode Fiber or Dulpex Single-Mode Fiber
Max Distance: 140m OM3 or 160m OM4 MMF, 2km SMF
Transmitter Output Wavelength (nm): 1270 to 1330
Transmit Output Power (dBm): -7.0 to 3.5 [avg power per lane]
Receive Input Power (dBm): -10.0 to 3.5 [avg power per lane]
Temperature: 0 to 70C
Power:  3.5W max

Based on wavelength range 1270 to 1330 I assume 40Gb is achieved as 4 x 10Gb leveraging wavelength-division multiplexing (CWDM) on following wave lengths:

  • 1270 nm
  • 1290 nm
  • 1310 nm
  • 1330 nm

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