Thursday, February 19, 2015

SQL commands for information of vCenter Server Database usage

Let's assume we have simple installation of vCenter Server database leveraging MS SQL Express and we want to know how much database space is currently used. The simplest way is to use existing sqlcmd program. Connect to MS Windows server where vCenter is installed. Open command prompt or PowerShell and use following SQL commands ...

sqlcmd -E -Slocalhost\VIM_SQLEXP
1>use VIM_VCDB
2> go
Changed database context to 'VIM_VCDB'.
1> sp_spaceused
2> go
         database_size      unallocated space
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
         244.94 MB          0.93 MB
reserved           data               index_size         unused
------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
234824 KB          152800 KB          63200 KB           18824 KB


There you can see that VIM_VCDB database size is 244.94 MB.

Note: In this particular environment I have just two ESX hosts with eight virtual machines.

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