Saturday, March 14, 2015

VMware Virtual SAN Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Reference Manual

Well known VMware's storage evangelist Cormac Hogan wrote and published another VMware VSAN related document. Well, it is the book having almost 300 pages. And the nice thing is that this document/book/manual is publicly available for free.

Snip from document Introduction Chapter ...
VMware’s Virtual SAN is designed to be simple: simple to configure, and simple to operate. This simplicity masks a sophisticated and powerful storage product. The purpose of this document is to fully illustrate how Virtual SAN works behind the scenes: whether this is needed in the context of problem solving, or just to more fully understand its inner workings.
Here is the link ...

So if you want to know VSAN details for diagnosis and troubleshooting you have to read it.

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