Monday, December 28, 2015

VMware NSX useful resources

I'm trying to deep dive into VMware Network Virtualization (NSX) and I have decided to collect all useful resources I will find during my journey.

There are two NSX flavors. NSX-v and NSX-T. It is good to read NSX-v vs NSX-T: Comprehensive Comparison to understand differences.

NSX-V Design
NSX-T Design
NSX-V Operations
NSX-T Operations
NSX Automation
NSX in Home Lab
NSX Advanced
NSX Security
NSX Dynamic Routing


NSX Tutorial

Other lists of resources
  • Rene Van Den Bedem (@vcdx133) :  NSX Link-O-Rama - great list of resources gathered by Rene
  • ARKIN - network visibility and analytics
This list will be continuously updated.
If you know any other useful NSX resource don't hesitate to write a comment with link.

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