Friday, April 22, 2016

VMware Tools 10.0.8 is now GA

VMware Tools 10.0.8  is now GA and live on and available to all Customers.

Resolved Issues
Virtual machine performance issues after upgrading VMware tools version to 10.0.x in NSX and VMware vCloud Networking and Security 5.5.x

While upgrading VMware Tools version to 10.0x in a NSX 6.x and VMware vCloud Networking and Security 5.5.x environment, the performance of the guest operating system in the virtual machine becomes slow and unresponsive. A number of operations like, logging in and logging off through an RDP session, response for an IIS website and launching applications become slow and unresponsive.
This issue occured due to a known issue with VMware Tools version 10.0.x. This issue is resolved in this release. For more information see KB 2144236.

Full Release Notes are available here.

Broader context ...
In the past, some customers who did not needed vShield components did not installed these VMtools components to mitigate these performance and unavailability risks. It is possible to remove vShield component from installation process.

 VMware-tools-9.x.x-yyyy.exe /v /qb-! REINSTALLMODE=vomus ADDLOCAL=All REMOVE=Hgfs,WYSE,Audio,BootCamp,Unity,VShield REBOOT=ReallySuppress  

Please be aware, that in newer VMtools version vShiled component was split to two more specific components -  FileIntrospection and NetworkIntrospection.

 VMware-tools-9.4.12-2627939-x86_64.exe /v /qb-! REINSTALLMODE=vomus ADDLOCAL=All REMOVE=Audio,BootCamp,FileIntrospection,Hgfs,NetworkIntrospection,Unity REBOOT=R  

For further information of all Names of VMware Tools Components Used in Silent Installations see. VMware vSphere documentation here.

vmtools, vshield,  fileintrospection, networkintrospection

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