Sunday, May 08, 2016

How to manage VCSA services via CLI

VMware vCenter Server Appliance (aka VCSA) is composed from several services. These services are  manageable through Web Client but in case you would need or want to use CLI here are some tips.

First of all you have to connect to VCSA via ssh and enable shell.
shell.set –enabled True
Run the below command to list the services currently present on the VCSA.
service-control --list
If you want to check the status of the services, then run the below command.
service-control --status
Command above will list all the services that are present on the VCSA, even the ones that are not running listed at the end.

If you want start particular service you will have to use following syntax
service-control --start
to stop service
service-control --stop
If you want to start or stop all service use following commands
service-control --start --all
service-control --stop --all
Not very difficult, right?

VCSA is the only VMware vSphere management of the future, so don't be afraid and go VCSA!

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