Monday, July 25, 2016

How to read BIOS settings from HP server

Sometimes it is pretty handy how to read BIOS settings from modern HP server. Let's assume you have server ouf-of-band remote management card (aka HP iLO).

HP iLO 4 and above supports RESTful API. Here is the snippet from "HPE iLO 4 User Guide".
iLO 4 2.00 and later includes the iLO RESTful API. The iLO RESTful API is a management interface that server management tools can use to perform server configuration, inventory, and monitoring via iLO. A REST client, such as the RESTful Interface Tool, sends HTTPS operations to the iLO web server to GET and PATCH JSON-formatted data, and to configure supported iLO and server settings, such as the UEFI BIOS settings.
So you can leverage REST API calls or if you like PowerShell you can simplify it by precooked HP command-lets.

Following PowerShell code should show the level of power versus performance for the system.

 $ilo =   
 $bios = Connect-HPBIOS $ilo -Username "username" -Password "password"  
 Get-HPBIOSPowerProfile $ilo  
 Disconnect-HPBIOS $ilo  

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