Thursday, October 13, 2016

Metro Cluster High Availability or SRM Disaster Recovery?

Several years I continuously try to explain my customers that metro cluster is not disaster recovery. I have finally found some time and summarize my thoughts into slide deck which I published on SlideShare. I'm planning to present it at Czech VMUG local meeting on 6 December this year. More info about this particular Czech VMUG event is here.

The goal of my presentation is to explain the difference between multi site high availability (aka metro cluster) and disaster recovery. General concepts are same for any products but presentation is obviously more tailored for specific VMware products and technologies.

You can look at presentation here on SlideShare ...

It would be great to see you at the event if you will be in the town. But in the meantime don't hesitate to write any comment or feedback here and we can have good discussion as there are still two months till the event.

BTW: Kudos to Stanislav Jurena @stan_jurena who already did several reviews and gave me some comments and feedback before first public release.  

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