Friday, March 10, 2017

High level introduction to VMware products

My blog posts usually go to low level technical details and are targeted to VMware subject matter experts. However, sometime is good to step back and watch things from high level perspective. It can be especially helpful when you need to explain VMware products to somebody who is not an expert in VMware technologies.

vSphere Overview Video

What is vCenter (Watch the first two minutes)

HTML5 Web Client (This is how vSphere is managed now - no more client. Minute 3 shows you how to create a virtual machine)

vR Ops Overview

Troubleshooting VM Performance in vR Ops

How to Build Blueprints in vRA - Single Machine, Application, and with AWS

NSX - Network Concepts Overview (Watch up until minute 4)

NSX - Microsegmentation (Watch 2:50 to 4:40)

vSAN Overview

Hope you find it useful! Either way, sharing is welcome!

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