Sunday, April 02, 2017

ESXi Host Power Management

I have just listened to Qasim Ali's  VMworld session "INF8465 - Extreme Performance Series: Power Management's Impact on Performance" about ESXi Host Power Management (P-States, C-States, TurboMode and more) and here are his general recommendations
  • Configure BIOS to allow ESXi host the most flexibility in using power management features offered by the hardware
  • Select "OS Control mode", "Performace per Watt", or equivalent 
  • Enable everything P-States, C-States and Turbo mode
  • To achieve the best performance per watt for most workloads, leave the power policy at default which is "Balanced"
  • For applications that require maximum performance, switch to "High Performance" from within ESXi host
Ali's VMworld session linked above is really worth to watch. I encourage you to watch it by yourself. 

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