Friday, September 01, 2017

VMworld 2017 interesting sessions available online

This week, VMworld 2017 happened in US, Las Vegas.  For those, who were not able to attend, several session were recorded and published on YouTube.

Here is the list of sessions covering topics I'm interested in ...


vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 2 (SER1872BU)
available here 


VMworld 2017 STO1264BU - The Top 10 Things to Know About vSAN

VMworld 2017 SER1143BU A Deep Dive into vSphere 6.5 Core Storage Features and Functionality

VMworld 2017 SER2355BU Best Practices for All-Flash Arrays with VMware vSphere

VMworld 2017 PBO3367BUS - VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes made easy with Pure Storage

VMworld 2017 ADV3368BUS - Find performance bottlenecks. Understanding ESXi Storage Queueing

VMworld 2017 STO2446BE - Virtual Volumes Technical Deep Dive

VMworld 2017 STO3305BES - Replicating VMware VVols: A technical deep dive into VVol array based

VMworld 2017 STO2115BE - vSphere Storage Best Practices


VMworld 2017 NET1345BU VMware NSX in Small Data Centers for Small and Medium Businesses


VMworld 2017 SER2958BU Migrate to the VMware vCenter Server Appliance You Should

vCenter Performance Deep Dive (SER1504BU)
available here 

VMworld 2017 SER1411BU VMware vSphere Clients Roadmap: HTML5 Client, Host Client, and Web Client


VMworld 2017 SER2480BU - vSphere PowerCLI 101: Becoming Your Organization's Superhero (SER2480BU)

VMworld 2017 SER2077BU Achieve Maximum vSphere Stability with PowerCLI Assisted Documentation


VMworld 2017 - CNA2080BE - Basics of Kubernetes on BOSH: Run Production-grade Kubernetes on the SDDC


VMworld 2017 SER2724BU Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices

VMworld 2017 VIRT1430BU Performance Tuning and Monitoring for Virtualized Database Servers


VMworld 2017 VIRT1374BU Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way!

VMworld 2017 VIRT1309BU Monster VMs (Database Virtualization) with VMware vSphere 6.5

VMworld 2017 SER2933BU - Defend Your vSphere Infrastructure from Evil with vCenter High Availability

Note: all sessions above should be available here or on William Lam's github page here.

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