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This Friday, I have got a very nice e-mail from one my long-time reader. I'm not going to publish the e-mail but the reader has mentioned that he was shocked and panicked when he realized that does not exist. Fortunately, this particular reader found the new address of my blog which is The e-mail forced me to stop for a moment and think about my blogging history.

I have started blogging back in June 2006 on the address

By the way, this address is still available because I still use Google's blogging platform which is free of charge and good enough. My first blog post was very short and simple. It was written in my native (Czech) language and the translation is following ...
May 2006: I have been reading for a long time in various magazines and websites that write blogs is in and trendy. It is said to write blogs! It is quite easy to start, but to write something on a regular basis, and even to have a head and heel, it will not be that simple. And what do I want to write about at all? It will, as it were, mainly IT, which has been for years, and I could say even a decade of my hobby and passion. So let's see how this blog eventually turns out.
Only first four blog posts were written in my native language because I have very soon realized that blog about Information Technologies must be written in the English language to address global IT community. My English language is far from perfect, but it is the only global language, therefore there is no other choice.

Since the beginning, I was thinking about the blog name. The first blog name iGICS was chosen back in times when I worked for Dell GICS (Global Infrastructure Consulting Services) and because domain was not available I registered domain and moved the blog to address

Over the time I thought that domain is not easy to remember for my readers and because I moved from DELL to VMware and currently blogging mainly about Vmware topics I have decided to change the internet domain to as all Vmware enthusiasts hopefully know what VCDX is so it is easier to remember.

So this blog has become available at 

For some time there was an automated redirect from * to but I have recently decided to not pay domain anymore. However, all content is preserved and available in the new domain.

After reading the e-mail from one my reader and double checked the blog view statistics I have realized that some my long-time readers probably lost the access to the content I have produced over the years. Therefore I have decided to continue paying the domain and keep the redirect to

It is fair to say, that I'm blogging mainly for my self to document the knowledge which I would like to preserve and share with my customers who are paying my bills. The public content sharing is just a side effect :-) but it is nice to contribute to some communities so this is what I do here as well.

This weekend I stopped for a minute (actually two or three hours) and did some statistics. Over times I published 567 posts but to be honest, first few years I was doing "microblogging" so publishing interesting links to other resources on the internet just to quickly find it when necessary. Sometime in 2013, I have started publishing bigger posts which can be qualified as full articles.

To name some blog posts which are, IMHO, full articles with some value see the list below

2013 - High latency on vSphere datastore backed by NFS (9,069 views)
2013 - Two (2) or four (4) socket servers for vSphere infrastructure? (1,949 views)
2014 - Disk queue depth in an ESXi environment (5,660 views)
2014 - vSphere HA Cluster Redundancy (271 views) + 2018 - Admission Control "Dedicated fail-over hosts" (631 views)
2014 ... 2016 - DELL Force10 : Series (more than 27,000 views)
2015 - End to End QoS solution for Vmware vSphere with NSX on top of Cisco UCS (2,959 views)
2015 - VMware Tools 10 and "shared productLocker" (1,380 views)
2016 - PowerCLI script to report VMtools version(s) (2,415 views)
2016 - Leveraging VMware LogInsight for VM hardware inventory (1,796 views)
2016 - ESXi host vCPU/pCPU reporting via PowerCLI to LogInsight (2,594 views)
2017 - Back to the basics - VMware vSphere networking (3,260 views)
2017 - vSphere Switch Independent Teaming or LACP? (950 views)
2018 - No Storage, No vSphere, No Datacenter (1,506 views)
2018 - Storage QoS with vSphere virtual disk IOPS limits (775 views)
2018 - vSphere 6.5 - DRS CPU Over-Commitment (990 views)
2018 - VMware Response to Speculative Execution security issues, CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5754 (aka Spectre and Meltdown) (2,586 views)

Anyway, the most popular (visited) posts in the history are

2014 - How to clear all jobs on DELL Lifecycle Controller via iDRAC (10,422 views)
2013 - High latency on vSphere datastore backed by NFS (9,069 views)
2013 - Calculating optimal segment size and stripe size for storage LUN backing vSphere VMFS Datastore (8,981 views)
2014 - DELL Force10 : VLT - Virtual Link Trunking (8,974 views)
2014 - Heads Up! VMware virtual disk IOPS limit bad behavior in VMware ESX 5.5 (5,114 views)
2017 - How to install VMware tools on FreeBSD server - (4,828 views)

The majority of my readers are from the United States. I personally think that US is the leader in Information Technologies so I'm proud my articles are interesting for US IT community. Almost, 10 times fewer readers are from Russia, Germany, Israel, and France which are top IT technology countries in EMEA region.

Pageviews by Countries
So Michael (he is the US reader who has sent me the e-mail), thank you again for your nice e-mail and hope not only you but also others will appreciate that the address is back. Paying $10 per year for another internet domain is probably not ruined me :-) so I hope it helps at least a little bit to global IT community.


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