Wednesday, December 18, 2019

VMware NSX-T and vIDM licensing question

Time to time customers are asking the following NSX-T & vIDM question ...
Do I need license for VMware Identity Manager? The aim for using VIDM is RBAC for NSX-T.
There is the community discussion in the VMTN at with the correct answer ...
You may use vIDM for free with NSX-T if you bought NSX. No license required. vIDM may not be deployed for other solutions in this case.
However, it would be nice to know some official VMware documents supporting the answer.

Here it is ...

On page 16 is written ...
VMware Identity Manager feature.A license to use VMware NSX Data Center (any edition) or NSX Cloud (any edition) includes an entitlement to use the VMware Identity Manager feature, but only for the following functionalities:
  • directory integration functionality of VMware Identity Manager to authenticate users in a user directory such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP
  • conditional access policy
  • single-sign-on integration functionality with third party Identity providers to allow third party identity providers’ users to single-sign-on into NSX
  • two-factor authentication solution through integration with third party systems. VMware Verify, VMware’s multi-factor authentication solution, received as part of VMware Identity Manager, may not be used as part of NSX, and single-sign-on functionality to access VMware products that support single-sign-on capabilities.
Restriction on Features.Each edition of the Software (Standard, Professional, Advanced, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus) offers different features and functionality. You may access and use only the features and functionality that
correspond with the edition of Software You have validly licensed. Those features and functionality are detailed at the following links: and You agree to not access or use any feature or functionality of an edition of the Software to which You are not entitled based on the edition of Software You have validly licensed. 

Hope this helps.

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