Wednesday, August 26, 2020

iSCSI Best Practices - 2020 review

I have just listened to the Virtually Speaking podcast episode Back to Basics: iSCSI Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post about iSCSI Best Practices, but it was about general iSCSI best practices for any operating system or hypervisor. All these old best practices should be still considered in full-stack design but four design considerations have been highlighted in the above podcast. These four are

  1. Jumbo Frames - more details in my blog post about iSCSI Best Practices
  2. iSCSI Port Binding - more details here at VMware KB
  3. Delay ACK - more details in my blog post and at VMware KB
  4. NoOp Time out - in the article at
Update 2020-06-29:
Consider using custom named iSCSI IQN. See the justification at
Hope this info helps other folks in the VMware community.

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