Thursday, November 05, 2020

NSX-T Edge Node performance profiles

It is good to know that NSX-T Edge Node has multiple performance profiles. Those profiles will change the # of vCPU for DPDK and so leave more or less vCPU for other services such as LB:

  • default (best for L2/L3 traffic)
  • LB TCP (best for L4 traffic)
  • LB HTTP (best for HTTP traffic)
  • LB HTTPS (best for HTTPS traffic)

Now you can ask how to choose Load Balancer Performance profile. SSH to the edge node and use CLI.

 nsx-edgebm3> set load-balancer perf-profile  
  http   Performance profile type argument  
  https   Performance profile type argument  
  l4    Performance profile type argument  
 Note: You may be prompted to restart the dataplane or reboot the Edge Node if there are changes in the profile in # of cores used by LB.  
 To go back to default profile:  
 nsx-edgebm3> clear load-balancer perf-profile  

Changing from L4 to HTTP help me to achieve ~3x higher HTTP throughput through L7 NSX-T load balancer. Hope this helps someone else as well.

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