Tuesday, November 24, 2020

vSAN 7 Update 1 - What's new in Cloud Native Storage

 vSAN 7 U1 comes with new features also in Cloud Native Storage area, so let's look at what's new.

PersistentVolumeClaim expansion

Kubernetes v1.11 offered volume expansion by editing the PersistentVolumeClaim object. Please note, that volume shrink is not supported and extension must be done offline. Online expansion is not supported in U1 but planned on the roadmap.  

Static Provisioning in Supervisor Cluster

This feature allows exposing an existing storage volume within a K8s cluster integrated within vSphere Hypervisor Cluster (aka Supervisor Cluster, vSphere with K8s, Project Pacific).

vVols Support for vSphere K8s and TKG Service

Supporting external storage deployments on vK8s and TKG using vVols.

Data Protection for Modern Applications

vSphere 7.0 U1 comes with support Dell PowerProtect and Velero backup for Pacific Supervisor and TKG clusters. Velero only option to initiate snapshots from supervisor Velero plugin and store on S3.

vSAN Direct

vSAN Direct is the feature introducing Directly Attach Storage (typically physical HDD) for object storage solutions running on top of vSphere. 

There will not be a shared vSAN Datastore like typical vSAN has but vSAN Direct Datastores are allowing connect physical disks directly to virtual appliances or containers on top of vSphere/vSAN Cluster providing Object Storage services and bypassing traditional vSAN datapath.

Hope you find it useful.

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