On this page I'm collecting links to useful and interesting external resources I have found during my continuous learning journey.

Architecture Design
vSphere Architecture Design
vSphere Compute
vSphere Storage
    vSphere Cloud Native Storage

       Storage Basics

    vSphere Networking

    vSphere Management

        vCenter Server HA 
       Platform Service Controller / SSO
       vSphere management over API
       vSphere Hardware Management
    vSphere Monitoring
    vSphere Virtual Machines
    vSphere Virtualized Applications

       MS Windows OS Licensing
       Oracle Licensing and Support on VMware
       Running Oracle on VMware vSphere
       MS-SQL Performance
    vSphere Availability

          High Availability (HA) Cluster
    vSphere Recoverability
    vSphere Manageability

    vSphere Automation

       vRealize Automation
    Configuration Management
    Public Clouds
    Distributed systems
    HTML/CSS design
    • VMware : Clarity Design System - UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular 2 components working together to craft exceptional experiences
    Education and Certifications
    • VMware Certified Advanced Professional - DataCenter Design (VCAP-DCD) - design tool demo
    VMware products

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